Remote Learning Support


PlanITROI will pick, pack and ship your students' devices to one of our facilities to be decontaminated, reimaged, recertified, and redeployed to students’ homes.


Affordable Recertified Technology for Remote Learning Available Through

  • Imaged with your district’s software, the latest OS, hardware specifications and any additional accessories for the home
  • Personalized website for your organization
  • Promotional code for school discounts

School Device Retrieval and Redeployment Program

  • PlanITROI will pick existing units up from your district’s designated locations.
  • PlanITROI Depot process: decontaminate, data sanitization, reimaging latest OS, software, hardware upgrade, testadditional accessories and final refurbished grade of like-new or scratch & dent
  • Assigned to student‘s based on schools’ request in PlanITvision
  • Ship to students’ homes with chain of custody tracking
  • Access to PlanITvision, our proprietary asset management utility
  • Continued hardware support provided to individual students with hot swap
  • Retired device retrieval program

Disaster Recovery Services

  • Devices imaged with your organizations latest OS, software to hardware specs with additional accessories for remote learning
  • Secure Insured Storage. Assets shipped when you need them, with 48-hour shipping guaranteed

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