Secure and Sustainable Life Cycle Solutions

PlanITROI offers a comprehensive suite of Secure & Sustainable Lifecycle Solutions, encompassing a wide array of services such as next-life and redeployment, stringent data security, detailed reporting, eco-friendly packaging, responsible recycling, expert refurbishing, and innovative remarketing. This holistic approach ensures the highest value recovery and responsible management of your technology assets from acquisition through to their end-of-life. Connect with PlanITROI today and see how our expansive portfolio of secure and sustainable solutions and services can enhance your technology trade in and ITAD programs.

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PlanITROI Secure IT Asset Disposition (ITAD)/ Asset Recovery Services (ARS) & Life Cycle Solutions:


  • Recovery: Recertified (resale, redeployment, donation) R2v3 Recycling.
  • Added Value: Data destruction, repair, refurbishment and recertification.
  • Retrieval: On-site inventory, Pick, Pack, Ship and Track or Box Program Process.
  • Device Returns: Decontamination, storage and redeployment.
  • Device Repairs & Storage: Repaired, refurbished and stored for redeployment.

Retrieval and Re-Deployment Process

  • Retrieval Box Process: Boxes Sent, Tracked, Devices & Accessories Received, Inventoried, Tested, Wiped and Recorded in PlanITvision & ServiceNow.
  • Integrating, Repair, Upgrade: Software & Hardware upgrades, assignment, activation, and re-testing.
  • Deployment & Tracking: Client location, facility, or home with real-time tracking PlanITvision & ServiceNow.
  • Device Returns: Decontamination, storage and redeployment.
  • Device Repairs & Storage: Repaired, refurbished and stored for redeployment.

PlanITROI Life Cycle Services

Data Security on All Types of Media
(Off-site, Mobile, On-site)

  • Media destruction degaussing & shredding.
  • Media erasure 1, 3 & 7 pass wipe.
  • Media Lockable bins.

Secure Packaging, Bins & Logistics

  • Form-fitted packaging solutions (for bulk & self packaging).
  • Remote location and home packing and pickup.
  • Secure lockable media bins for on-site collection.
  • Secure transport (sealed & armored trucks, dual drivers).
  • Single unit drop ship fulfillment.
  • Forward logistics.
  • Asset tracking.

Real-Time Transparent Dashboards & Reporting (PlanITvision)

  • Dashboards with real-time metrics & alerts.
  • Reporting at the click of a button.
  • Controls over budgeting, repairs & reallocations.
  • Schedule pickups, track and see inventory live.

Financial and Disposition Options

  • Asset recovery – revenue share and/or buyout.
  • BYOD trade-in program.
  • Employee purchase.
  • Donations to charity.
  • Lease returns management.

Refurbished & Recertified Products

  • Apple, Acer, ASUS, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Microsoft, Samsung, Google, Cisco, Intel, LG.
  • Laptops, Chromebooks, Smart Phones, Network equipment, Servers, Monitors, Accessories, etc.

Recycling – Environmental Services

  • R2v3/WEEE certified recycling (zero landfill).
  • De-manufacturing & harvesting for spare parts.
  • Precious metal recovery.

Redeployment & Deployment Services

  • Imaging & staging at PlanITROI depot.
  • Installation (on-site & remote with support).
  • Software deployment.
  • De-installation of old asset.
  • Inventory old asset (pick, pack, ship).
  • Asset tagging – database tracking.
  • Project management.

Support Services

  • Break-Fix Repairs (in & out of warranty).
  • Hot swap with 24 hours.
  • Hardware upgrade & redeployment management.
  • Accessories & parts management.
  • Secure storage (short & long term).
  • Extended warranty programs (new & installed in-place).
  • Short term rental.
  • Disaster recovery (spare units).
  • School / work device redeployment & retrieval program.